• Period: You want cookies
  • Period: You want to fuck
  • Period: You want to fuck while eating cookies.
  • Period: Let's be sad about trivial things, shall we?
  • Period: Kill them.
  • Period: Kill them too.
  • Period: Kill them and eat their cookies.
  • Period: Shhhh it's okay you'll feel better soon.
  • Period: Whoops you dropped a spoon better cry
  • Also: my shift's up. SEE YOU IN THREE WEEKS, SUCKER!


New Show ‘Madam Secretary’ Pales In Comparison With ‘The Good Wife’ 

All these years in, I don’t have to spend much time raving about why I love The Good Wife. The legal cases they dramatize are as intelligent, and as multi-layered, as the characters, and the acting, from the guest stars as well as the regulars, is marvelous. Each week on The Good Wife, the show’s opening credits don’t show up until about 10 minutes into the show – and they always catch me by surprise, because by that time, I’m so involved with the plot, I forget that the credits haven’t run yet.  But when they arrive, with flair and a bit of dramatic punctuation, they always remind me, week in and week out, that I’m watching one of TV’s best dramas.

-Fresh Air TV Critic David Bianculli 

OMG, we are confused about the Good Wife’s credits EVERY TIME, too!