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If you don’t think this is hilarious, there is something wrong with you.



Those off-duty firefighters that allegedly beat up a homeless man won’t be charged by King County…


Three people, including two off-duty Seattle firefighters, allegedly beat up a homeless dude for having the audacity to sleep on the Seattle Fallen Firefighters Memorial Statue (being a place to sleep: ultimate diss?) in Pioneer Square… and King County has declined to prosecute them. The case is being referred to the Seattle City Attorney’s office for “possible” misdemeanor charges.

So uh, why no charges for an assault on a sleeping person? Dan Donahoe with the King County Prosecutor’s office told Q13“We also do not have a provision under state law that allows us to file a malicious harassment charge regarding an alleged victim being targeted based on being homeless.”

Oh, okay. Maybe it’s time we get one? And like, I’m no lawyer, but isn’t sending someone to the hospital usually assault under state laws? Here’s Q13’s description of the attack:

Once witnesses intervened, [the alleged perpetrators] went to McCoy’s Firehouse for a short time. But the three soon returned to Pioneer square and Bullene, who has previously been arrested for road rage and discharging a firearm in public, attacked another homeless man. Witnesses said he grabbed the homeless man’s large walking stick and — unprovoked — hit the man hard in the head. 

The homeless man used his arm to defend himself against the stick and pulled out a small folding knife as Bullene prepared to strike again. He then stabbed Bullene in the stomach.

Apparently, one of the men allegedly lied to police at first, saying the homeless man attacked them… but after multiple witnesses said that’s definitely not what happened, the three were arrested for assault.



Witnesses: Thank you for seeing something and saying something.

This whole thing is bullshit. WTF. A misdemeanor for assault? Is that even a thing?